francesco marascia


Taking the time to understand the 

situation is essential.  On each project, spending the necessary time 

analyzing maximizes the chances to succeed.

There are hundreds of tools to help you identify what needs to be done in order to achieve the changes you are expecting.


Remember that there is not right or wrong strategy when choosing these tools. What really matters is to understand the implications and the benefits of using them.

After spending the right time analyzing, choosing the tool will help tackle the situation. Usually,
there are many options or solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

Specifying the delivery time is a decisive 

point when 


At this point, all the time spent 

analyzing and planning will show its benefits.

Observing what has been done will provide an 

opportunity to make adjustments or improvements.

Also, it will allow you to track your success.




Business Consultant - Digital Marketing Strategist